In the 1960s the most captivating, exotic face in fashion was supermodel Veruschka, who went by only one name. But before she hit it big time, she was known as Vera and it wasn’t until fashion photographer Johnny Moncada put her in front of a camera that she was to transform into the model destined to become an icon. From Vera to Veruschka: The Unseen Photographs by Johnny Moncada is an exhibition of the forgotten and unpublished photographic archive of Johnny Moncada, whose extraordinary images feature the young budding model in Rome, by the sea in Capri and Sardinia, and in other locales of la dolce vita. Taken over the course of 1963 and 1964, the shots serve as an invaluable source of inspiration to aficionados of 1960s style and the glamour of Italian fashion.

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