The radiant Grace Coddington is known for her position at Vogue, her love of creatures of the feline variety and her flaming mane of red hair, but soon she might be known for something else – a movie. The ever-eloquent Coddington revealed that a company has acquired the film rights to her memoir, though no further details have been revealed.

Coddington has had what you could call an illustrious life – she began her journey in fashion as a model, playing muse to Vidal Sassoon and becoming the mannequin on which he created his infamous five-point cut. After years of modeling for the glossy pages of Vogue, Coddington’s rise was cut tragically short by a car crash. Though that was the end of her modeling career, she continued to work in fashion, starting as a junior editor position at British Vogue, and eventually working her way up to become senior fashion editor at the renowned publication. A successful stint at Calvin Klein preceded her joining Vogue in 1988, where she has remained to this day as creative director. We guess you could say her life was meant for the silver screen.

The release of The September Issue, the documentary which followed the creation of Vogue’s grandiose annual edition, saw a spotlight fall on Coddington once again, as she stole the show with her quotable lines and played the foil to the quietly threatening intensity of Anna Wintour. The subsequent release of her memoir, Grace: A Memoir, in 2012 cemented Coddington’s place in cultural and fashion history. Her Instagram account further heightened her visibility, as she delights in posting cute scrawls of herself and her many cats. Coddington’s devotion to the perfect image – including dumping buckets of dye into the ocean to create the perfect blue in prep for a David LaChappelle shoot – can be seen in earnest when flipping through the pages of the magazine. Her midas touch is everywhere, from the models to the photographer to the final, perfect image. Though a big-screen version of the already larger than life Coddington may be a ways away, it will be fun to speculate who else could bring her enigmatic presence to life – as well as who else could possibly pull off that hair.

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