What do a roller rink and an art gallery have in common? Both of them have stained glass windows. At least they do at Futopia Faena by Studio Job. The new installation is a collaboration between the Faena and Studio Job founders Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel. The beautiful stained glass windows create a colorful reflection on the smooth, empty floors of the exhibit space, designed for guests to roller skate around while looking at the timeline of art created by the duo that is displayed on the walls.

Studio Job has been creating work since the late 1990s. Recently, they have created homewares bedazzled in tiny, mosaic-like silver tiles, created a black and gold table out of an upside-down Taj Mahal and made detailed furniture cutout with their symbols. A notable project is Train Crash, where the duo created a table depicting a head-on train collision, symbolizing the end of their romantic relationship.

For Futopia, Studio Job presented a thrilling exhibition that focuses on their long-standing collaboration with Faena. Stained glass windows are the outstanding focal point of the exhibit. Instead of religious figures, the windows feature florals, birds, and geometric patterns in predominately blue hues, with added pink, yellow and green to catch the light and create a dazzling display of colors on the smooth floors of the Center. But the stained glass windows are only one part of the display. Art is directly on the walls, with various subjects. A tree with the world in its trunk houses a castle in its branches, from which what looks like gold wheels are dangling. Four circles become murals of their own, with doodled objects inside them. Unicorns, birds, bees and suns are also featured in the artwork, which are all somehow linked together – the sun and birds are motifs in the stained glass windows, and the doodles contain these figures as well. They are all symbols of Studio Job’s creations, both past, present and future.

Additionally, the large space is free of artwork on its floor for another reason – it’s a roller rink. Complete with disco lights above, the rink also has a DJ booth, which will be occupied by various different Argentinian DJ’s during the exhibit’s time. Bring your skates to see Futopia Faena by Studio Job at the Faena Arts Center Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina until August 3rd.

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