Visionaire Presents BLACK AND LIGHT by Oscar Oiwa

Visionaire Presents BLACK AND LIGHT by Oscar Oiwa

March 11– 30, 2019

For this installation at The Gallery at Cadillac House, Japanese-Brazilian artist Oscar Oiwa visualized “the crash of two different things. Two opposite ideas or situations. Like light and shadow. Or hot and cold. Or in politics, left and right. This collision of opposites forces movement forward.” 

Oscar Oiwa transformed a blank white inflated “canvas” representing over 2700 square feet of surface area, into a world of landscapes, domesticity, urbanism, the cosmos, and swirling black holes all intricately illustrated by hand by the artist. Oiwa built immersive depths of blackness and light, an all-encompassing stream-of-conscious environment. Oiwa developed the characters Light Rabbit and Shadow Cat. Excitable Light Rabbit has boundless energy while Shadow Cat is deliberate and thoughtful. Spot them hiding in plain sight in the illustrations and check out their animations online. 

After meticulously illustrating for over 100 hours inside the inflatable, which was live-streamed on a screen outside the inflatable for anyone to watch from Monday February 25 through Friday, March 8, BLACK & LIGHT opened to the public on Monday March 11, 2019 in its completed glory. Visitors could explore the space, offering an opportunity to examine the nuances of the artist’s illustrations up close. 

Oscar Oiwa was born in São Paulo, Brazil, the son of Japanese immigrants. He received his B.F.A. from the School of Architecture and Urbanism at São Paulo University, and then relocated to Tokyo. He currently lives and works in New York City. Throughout his youth, Oiwa was heavily influenced by comic books, art, and magazines, as well as urban environments. Oiwa has had over 60 solo exhibitions, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and Museu Nacional de Belas Artes in Rio de Janeiro; and his artworks are in the collections of the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), Phoenix Museum of Art (Arizona), Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, and many more. 

Cadillac House is Cadillac’s first-ever brand experience center—a public space that brings Cadillac’s design sensibility and passion points to life through a range of dynamic, curated programming and events across the arts, fashion, entertainment and hospitality. Located in downtown New York City, Cadillac House offers diverse experiences including a gallery, retail space, café and exhibition area for the brand’s vehicles— resulting in a venue with an ever-evolving point of view on subjects beyond the automotive industry. The Gallery is a blank space where Cadillac and Visionaire partner to curate non-traditional, interactive exhibitions with no boundaries, free and open to the public. 

Visionaire Presents Black and Light by Oscar Oiwa
March 11–30, 2019