We are storytellers. Through Visionaire, we concept, curate, and produce art multiples, events, public art installations, film, branded content, apparel, and publications. Visionaire focuses on the cross-pollination of art, fashion, film, and contemporary culture as a tool to communicate unique experiences to viewers and visitors, across multiple platforms, in physical spaces, online, and mobile. Visionaire has a deep and developed network of artists, photographers, fashion designers, models, celebrities, filmmakers, writers, agents, editors, collectors, galleries, and museums garnered from over 20 years of ground-breaking creativity. 


"Visionaire defies easy explanation... luminaries eagerly participate."
— The New York Times

"Visionaire is a creative playground... a cabinet of irresistable curiosities. A daring iconoclast dressed to thrill."
— The New Yorker

"Intricate, three-dimension pages, created by big names in fashion and art, leap from the pages with a surprise on every turn.”
— Vogue

"...Continually morphs and redefines itself..."
— Variety

"Fashions rise and fashions set, but Visionaire continues to shine with its unperturbed new visions, influenced by nobody, influencing them all."
— Karl Lagerfeld

"The alternative small run publication has often dazzled, always relentlessly focused on changing the way we look at the printed page. Looking haughtily over its shoulder to fleur's flair, Visionaire rolls up its sleeves, cups its hands to its mouth, flexes it muscles... Oh, I could go on all day... And whispers, "The eyes have it."
— David Bowie


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