Painter Liz Markus possesses a unique sensitivity to nostalgia, color
and style. Markus interviews participants, one by one, about a special
time in their lives and what they were wearing when it happened.

Then, working quickly (15 minutes, actually), she translates those memories
into a vivid and romantic painting on a silk scarf...

...which will, when dry, go to the person pictured — allowing the sitter to one day become truly wrapped up in a blurry, happy memory.

Fifteen Minutes by Liz Markus is part of MOVE! at Brookfield Place, an interactive exhibition that celebrates art and fashion, curated by Visionaire co-founder Cecilia Dean and writer David Colman. MOVE! features artists from various disciplines, including visual art, performance and dance creating one-of-a-kind experiences encouraging public participation. 

Dean and Colman conceived the movements to represent a new and engaging model of participatory art installations. As longtime chroniclers of art, fashion and culture, the pair bring their passions to life through the presentation of MOVE!, bridging art and fashion in a groundbreaking way.

"One of the important things about MOVE! is that we never call our movements just ‘art’ because that can suggest exclusivity to some people . It’s engaging and unique and fun and cool – and here for everyone,” said Dean.

“We love that everyone can experience MOVE! without feeling like they have to see it labeled a certain way,” adds Colman. “And at the same time, it’s conceptually provocative and layered enough to keep you thinking about it for days afterward.”

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MOVE! at Brookfield Place
October 2-4, 2015
230 Vesey Street, NYC