A PORTRAIT OF MARINA ABRAMOVIC is a one-take film in 3-D. Created by artist, Matthu Placek, the film is a majestic document of legendary performance artist, Marina Abramovic. In the 6 minute film, Abramovic stands in the middle of an abandoned building in Hudson, NY. It will soon be the Marina Abramovic Institute, a palpable legacy to an art pioneer. A 50 foot crane spans to capture the breadth of space in infinite detail: the life of an artist, her keen sense of transition, a space’s decay, and the ripeness of rebirth. An original score is sung by world-renowned Serbian folk singer, Svetlana Spajic and produced by musical genius Thomas Bartlett. The work is presented by VISIONAREFILM and made possible by the generous support of The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The National YoungArts Foundation. “A Portrait of Marina Abramovic” is the first of an ongoing body of “moving portraits” by Matthu Placek. In these films, Matthu examines his close personal relationships with his subjects in an effort to tell their story without dialogue. With a sensitive and considered examination, Matthu attempts to show the past present and future of his subjects. The use of one-take 3D cinematography opens a tangible window into the lives of his subjects without interruption. The portraits are created in an edition of 6.

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