Stars, planets, and the moon. Constellations and shooting stars. Everyone looks into the dazzling night sky and feels a strong sense of desire, a magnetic pull to the unknown and captivating final frontier. Even though NASA is still developing their commercial space flight program, French interior designer Alexandre de Betak is offering you the chance to go to space.

The “Salon de Joie” is an immersive space created by De Betak at the Palais d’Iéna in Paris that is reminiscent of the surface of the moon. Created for Arhictecutral Digest’s AD Interiors, the room is not to be missed. A custom created bed featuring a print of the moon’s familiar pockmarked surface measures nine square feet, and is the home of several pillows bearing a similar print. Closer inspection reveals people on the print, like a woman that appears to be sunbathing (moon bathing?) and two smiling children. Though there are no windows, the wallpaper comes with a view, featuring images that appear to have been taken from the moon looking outward towards Earth. The Milky Way can be seen on one wall, while other planets and moons are visible on the other walls. The starry night continues on the mirrored, ceiling, definitely one-upping your childhood stick-on glow in the dark stars. Last but not least is the neon lighting that runs from the ceiling to the walls themselves, interacting with the wallpaper in an unprecedented way.

The furniture is of course another prominent feature of the installation space. The bed sits comfortably on an elevated wooden platform, and lights in geometric shapes like cubes and pyramids provide illumination in the space. Unique metal bed tables hold open books, and another showcases artwork that looks like vibrant meteorite shards embedded into rock. Artwork on the wall is also distinctly stellar, ensuring that the ambiance remains throughout the entire room.

De Betak has been creating environments in the worlds of fashion and art for years. The “Fellini of Fashion” has worked with the likes of Christian Dior, Rodarte, Hussein Chalayan, Viktor & Rolf and countless others in ensuring their exhibitions, shows and events are unforgettable experiences. Don’t miss the chance to experience one of de Betak’s events for yourself in the relaxing Salon de Joie.

You can take your space trip courtesy of Alexander de Betak by visiting the Palais d’Iéna in Paris until September 20, 2015.