Today, fashion fixture Diane Pernet premieres A Shaded View On Fashion Film in New York City. The festival, which she founded in 2008, has presented films from some of the most recognized photographers and directors worldwide including Visionaire alumni Bruce Weber, Sølve Sundsbø, Ellen Von Unwerth and Chris Cunningham. While we have all experienced various projects within the genre, we’re wondering what exactly defines the discipline.
“Fashion films work in that elusive space between fine art and branding. Good fashion films are an inspiring way to creatively engage with people on a less commercial and more noble level too. They can sometimes even be genuine work of art,” says Pernet, including that an exact definition of the genre is still to be found.
“…the beauty of the creative universe is that we are always confronted with new interpretations, revolutions and provocations that test our ideas on how to define things whether they be broad disciplines like art, fashion, cinema–or sub-disciplines like ‘fashion film’,” she continues.
Although the genre is considered to be relatively young, some of Pernet’s favorite fashion films were made in 1960s and 70s. “My number one fashion film is still William Klein’s ‘Who Are You Polly Magoo’ but there are so many others that I also love like ‘Puzzle of a Downfall Child’ with Faye Dunaway –the story of a model and a photographer and the relationship that fashion can have on one’s life,” says Pernet, expressing her excitement to screen the latter in the presence of its iconic director Jerry Schatzberg on Saturday.

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