When one the world’s most famous fashion photographers and what is probably the most powerful magazine editor get together to make things happen, things really happen! S when Anna Wintour and Visionaire contributor Bruce Weber joined forces to celebrate Detroit with an exhibition dedicated entirely to life in the derelict city, they decided to put the focus on its charismatic inhabitants rather than the typical photos of the multitude of worn-down buildings.

“Detroit – Bruce Weber,” which encompasses 80 large-scale photographs (and one short film), premiered last Thursday at the Detroit Institution of the Arts with a day full of DIA-fundraising culminating in a private party where Detroit-native Patti Smith is said to have performed.

“Detroit is one of the few places in the world now where there is a big welcome sign in the smiles and hearts of its people,” said Weber. “Their continued courage and resilience is why I first ended up there with my camera. Conde Nast has joined me to help celebrate Detroit with this exhibition.”

Bruce Weber is one of the preeminent American photographers of our time,” added Anna Wintour. “From the moment his work appeared in Vogue in 1978, his talent and breadth of vision were undeniable. Since then, he has helped shape our ideas about men’s and women’s fashion and celebrity. At the same time, his passion for distinctly American phenomena, form jazz to farmlands and factories, has led him to chronicle the country’s landscape for more than three decades. What better photographer than Bruce to be a champion of this great American city?”

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