Camilla Stærk‘s mysteriously glamorous and gloomy universe has enthralled many since she graduated from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in London in 2000. Last week, the Visionaire #30days30artists contributor and celebrated Danish designer opened a retrospective exhibition in her native Copenhagen, which gives the viewer a chance to explore both the creations and the things that have inspired them.

Despite her eccentric big city looks—dressed all black, painted eyebrows, oversized sunglasses and turbans—Stærk is raised on a farm right outside the Danish capital. She spent her childhood riding and caring for horses, an interest that has heavily inspired her designs: the leather, the veiling, the romantic hints that her collection are built around, originate from her love of horses. Infuse that with a bit of David Lynch, Joy Division and Barnaby Roper—Stærk’s husband—and you have the designer’s unique recipe for success.

Made up of photography, film and key items from the designer’s previous collection, Still is an exhibition that plays on all senses. Stærk and her close friend Helena Christensen have created a photo series especially for the exhibition with both the women taking turns behind and in front of the camera. And while Barnaby Roper’s Vanita’s I and II can be seen in the gallery, songs created by Chrysta Bell in collaboration with David Lynch and others a played out loud in the space.

Still is open until August 5th at Etage Projects in Copenhagen.

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