The French hair genius Charlie Le Mindu is quickly turning his world of crazy extravagant hair into a complete universe with an amazing following including the likes of Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine and Lady Gaga. But as the hair stylist grows older, he’s beginning to use his amazing eye for more than just head growths: he has just released a film of the complete performance he created for the 30th anniversary of the legendary Paris art-institution Fondation Cartier and is currently considering opening a Parisian night club.

We met up with the creative adroit to discuss the performance and the future of his brand.

Lars Byrresen Petersen: Can you describe the Cartier performance for us?

Charlie Le Mindu: It was a revue Based on beauty and hair. The allover feeling was “les Annees folles” so the 20s in Paris. It was a mix of performances and also of videos. I worked in collaboration with an amazing friend, Olivier Simola for the video and with Anouck Margueritte for the casting of the girls and some mise en scene. The performance lasted for 30 minutes. For the make up, I worked with Francois Regaudie who created an amazing make up: we painted their bodies all grey. I wanted people to feel like they were watching a black and white movie, and it worked. As you see on the video we didn’t change the colour of their bodies it was all like this in real life. There were five performances and five videos. For music I always work with Orion Bouvier from Map Bambino because I can give him freedom since he understands my world.

LBP: What was the theme?

CLM: The theme was Paris as I just moved to Paris. French people have a weird humor sometimes: they like to play with words (which I think is not funny at all) that’s why I called my show “Paris hait Gris,” which means “Paris Hates Grey.” However, it sounds like “Paris Is Grey.” I was really inspired by the main color of Paris, which is grey like the Eiffel Tower, the Peripherique and the people. I was also inspired by the old women in my district–I live on Champs Elysee–they have great hair but they are the coolest people here for me: they do not judge and have so much fun… They made me special silver hair and different Shades of grey for the collection.

LBP: How did you get to create a performance at this legendary place?

CLM: Fondation Cartier is celebrating their 30-year anniversary, so they invited people they worked with before (I worked with them about 3 years ago where I did a performance for them with guys from house of Drama). This time they invited an artist to create a performance every Monday of the year. I was proud to be on the list next to Patti Smith and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

LBP: Did you yourself appear in it?

CLM: No, I like women to be in my show not men except for Francois Chaignaud, who I love. I prefer a naked woman rather than a naked man: it’s much more elegant (nothing hangs (laughs)).

LBP: Was this your first performance?

CLM: No, I like doing performances and I actually have a plan to open a club in Paris.

LBP: Where does your obsession with hair come from?

CLM: From my mom’s legs! So hairy!

LBP: How long have you been doing hair?

CLM: Since I was 13 so now 15 years and I still love it more and more. It’s crazy what I can do with it.

LBP: What’s beautiful hair to you?

CLM: I mean, there are so many different I just know that I hate dreadlocks on white boys, makes me puke.

LBP: Who have you done hair on?

CLM: Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine, Lana del Rey and more. But I worked with people who I love like Peaches Kapbambino… I’m more of a punk fan!

LBP: Is hair big in France?

CLM: No, they like it natural here.