Crossover is an event occurring as part of MOVE! the art and fashion event. Featuring the talents of our very own James Kaliardos, crossover examines the idea of gender and transformation through makeup.

Makeup has always been seen as another way to express yourself, and this is true now more than ever. To some people, makeup is a savior, allowing them to fully realize themselves the way they’ve always wanted to be seen. Crossover plays with the idea of gender as a fluid concept. With the skilled hands of Mr. Kaliardos at work, DJ Chelsea Leyland goes from a beautiful woman to a rugged man, complete with stubble and a bronzed look. Likewise, a male model becomes feminine after the completion of his makeup, batting his lashes like a pro.

More than just a fun event, Crossover aims to take a look at the different ideas we have of gender and gender roles. Women get a bit of a harder edge after their makeovers, acting in a way they think they should as a man; meanwhile men become much softer, abandoning the clenching of their jaws and generally coming across as gentler beings. Our gender and the way we feel we should act because of it are huge parts of our life, and Crossover presents the opportunity to be on both sides of the fence.

You can experience Crossover for yourself at MOVE! the art and fashion event, happening from Friday October 2 to Sunday October 4 at Brookfield Place, New York.

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