D.Randall Blythe AKA Randy is best known as the rock and roll vocalist for the band Lamb of God. In recent years he has been the center of a very publicized controversy: In June 2012, he was arrested in the Czech Republic following the death of 19-year-old fan Daniel Nosek, who fell from the stage while Lamb of God was performing. Ultimately Blythe was acquitted of any criminal charges, and has spent the last few years trying to turn around his tarnished public reputation. Now Sacred Gallery in Soho will be presenting a selection of photography in a new exhibition called; Show Me What You’re Made Of, from May 2 – June 30.

The show explores how over the past few years the artist has blurred photography, social media, and sobriety. Blythe always captures photographs focusing on two very contrasting subjects; either humans (including myself) in a heightened emotional state, or natural landscapes, which “instill a feeling of calm within me,” he says.

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel literally around the world several times for my job, and for the last few years I have carried a camera with me everywhere I go,” states Blythe. Show Me What You’re Made Of will showcase a diverse selection of fine art prints that the artist himself considers to be some of the most striking images in his collected. All the photos will be shown in custom-made frames made of reclaimed wood adding to the individuality of each image. The majority of pictures are in intensified black & white, complimenting the details in the shots, and the documentary style.

Blythe never wants a static image created in a studio setting, instead is driven to capture organically occurring movements. “People are in a constant stage of change, and even landscapes differ in appearance from second to second with light, wind, waves, etc. I merely capture these movements when the opportunity arises.”

These two different types of photography require two polar opposite approaches, quick and spontaneous for human subjects, slow and meticulous for landscapes. As a writer and musician Blythe creates very specific work, laced with personal opinions, always aiming to clearly convey an important message or strong emotion. However his approach to photography is very different. “The act of photographing is a striving for balance within me, an attempt to learn to be a bit more objective about the world and my place within it. Camera in hand, I train myself to mentally and emotionally slow down, step outside an unfolding situation, and capture the actuality of it without injecting my own very subjective views of what it should be,” he describes.

This exhibition is Blythe’s first and it will be on view at Sacred Gallery from May 2 – June 30.

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