As Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) is getting ready to release his highly anticipated movie Noah, he has put together a group exhibition of 50 art works that are based on the biblical story about Noah and the Ark.
The exhibition, which opens Friday March 7th at 462 West Broadway in New York, includes work from 50 internationally-recognized artists, from celebrated contemporary artists Ugo Rondinone, Sue Williams, Karen Kilimnik, Mike Nelson, and Nan Goldin to comic book legends like Jim Lee, Jim Woodring and Simon Bisley, a leading contributor to Heavy Metal magazine and graffiti duo Faile.
“While writing the script for NOAH, I wondered how my favorite artists would interpret the iconic text. So I decided to ask a few of them to return to Genesis and create an image of their own,” said Aronofsky. “This exhibit is the collection of their work: in painting, in drawing, in photography, in sculpture and in music.”
Today, we have the honor of premiering 11 of the works displayed as part of Aronofsky’s “FOUNTAINS OF THE DEEP: VISIONS OF NOAH AND THE FLOOD.”

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