For many fashion designers, sketching is the most precious stage of designing a collection. It’s the time to make mistakes, erase and restart without the pressure of onlookers. Norwegian designer Edda Gimnes embraces this pressure offering an honest, intimate and stylish look into her creative hand through her recent Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Made through digital printing, Gimnes told The Creators Project that she used her opposite hand to get a “naive and hand rendered” black-colored sketch and transferred that onto the white cotton fabric used throughout the collection. This monochrome element creates an animated-like world and childhood nostalgia dictated by the playful and passionate aesthetic of her sketches. “Instead of starting with the pattern, I start with my illustrations and then make the pattern accordingly,” Gimes told the Creators Project. The models wearing the garments are almost blurred into the sketch adding to the fantastic element of an imaginative world. Sketches often go unnoticed as they normally transform into something greater, but for Gimnes the greater result began and ended exactly where it started.

Gimnes is a graduate from the London College of Fashion and has been featured in The New York Times as one of ten ‘Fresh out of Fashion School‘ designers to watch. Her fascination of textiles is clear within this collection. Gimmes is currently working with Saga Fur in Copenhagen to continue her exploration of eclectic aesthetic.

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