<p><center>EDISON CHEN UNBOXES <p>VISIONAIRE 69</p></center></p>



VISIONAIRE 69 2020 Guest Curated by Edison Chen, comes as a “stencil kit.”  The edition features 10 stencils each one made of pure copper plates laser-cut with images by artists in response to a most challenging year. Contributors are Nick Knight, Naomi Campbell, Tom Sachs, Dr. Woo, Zeng Fanzhi, Cao Fei, LeBron James, Kelly Beeman, Shayne Oliver, and Alaia Chen. 
Copper is imbued with antimicrobial properties making it the ideal material for this edition. Furthermore, copper remembers; it is an archive of all the hands that have touched it, and will oxidize over time to form a unique turquoise patina, thus altering its appearance. 
The edition comes wrapped in a Clot silk scarf and includes a face mask by Barbara Kruger and a can of VISIONAIRE-branded black spray paint.