Continuing in the vein of establishing a new era at Gucci, Alessandro Michele’s new collection will be displayed in all new store windows for the brand worldwide. Michele has only two womenswear collections for Gucci under his belt, but the future looks bright for the young designer. While the Gucci windows (and indeed, the Gucci woman) usually had a more refined touch to them, a new season and a new designer heralds a wildly different set of ideas.

Michele introduced a more playful Gucci girl with his debut Fall 2015 collection as well as his follow-up Resort 2016 line. Completely sheer lace tops were countered with long, pleated skirts, and girlish bows were plastered on delicate chiffon blouses and dresses in pastel colors. Heavy embroidery gave life to an indigo sweater. Shoes, some adorned with pom-poms and some with fur spilling out of the inside, sat on almost awkward heels. Large glasses defined the catwalkers and established a new type of Gucci girl.

Michele’s heavily praised collection will become even more vibrant in its new home at Gucci stores around the world. The new window displays involve bright purple and turquoise LED lights in line patterns to emphasize the collection. The purple ceiling contrasts with the turquoise background that the clothes, hung on a rotating, oval-shaped rack, reminiscent of a dry cleaners, are set against. Industrial sheeting in blocks provide platforms for the shoes and bags. While this sounds like enough of a visual feast, there’s more – bees, swallows and snakes, key motifs from the fall collection, take form in gigantic embroidered displays throughout the store. An embroidered bee holds a Gucci Dionysus handbag aloft, the bright lights behind it. A snake is featured on the floor, directing you to your next purchase. The whimsical, dark and industrial edge presented by the display somehow accentuates the delicacy of the collection without overpowering it. Look out for this eye-catching new display at a Gucci boutique near you.

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