J.W. Anderson is known for his creative talents at his eponymous brand as well as Loewe, but now maybe he can add one more talent to his list – curator. The young designer has collated never-before-seen images from photographer Ian David Baker. Displayed on Anderson’s website, the images are for sale alongside his clothes, creating an interest mix of museum and gift shop.

And the images are display worthy. Baker has been photographing youth in England for years. His stark black-and-white images speak for themselves. Baker is best known for photographing gay youth, but his images are more than just naked boys. They are sexual in a delicate way, as though a lover has taken them. Other images include incredible shots of gay pride marches in London from various years as well as scenic shots of tourists at Brighton. Mixed in with a final sprinkling of collaged photos, the online exhibit is something to behold. The pictures are also unique in their own right – many of the negatives no longer exist, making the prints the last ones.

Anderson is no stranger to the photography scene. For his Loewe campaigns, he has chosen old shots of Steven Meisel from some long-lost shoot. They have gained new life fronting his advertisements, and despite not showing a stitch of his creations, they perfectly capture the essence of the brand. He also shows off some his favorite photographs on his personal Instagram.

Baker and Anderson is something unexpected – but good. We all already knew good things were in store for Anderson, but who knows what the future will bring. You can view the online exhibit and purchase your print at j-w-anderson.com.

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