Backpacks have been quite on trend for sometime now: Chanel is doing them, Louis Vuitton is doing them, Gucci is doing them, Kylie Jenner is wearing them, Cara Delevingne is wearing them and so is many more more. Now designer Konstantin Kofta of the brand Kofta is taking the backpack game to a higher level with his baroque architecture bags.

Kofta combines rural and urban perceptions, and embraces the unintentional and unexpected, which provide inspiration for current and future collections. Each collection appears as a form of art installation. He believes that the perfect is hidden in the sacramental places away from an ordinary vision littered by common standards. As a designer, he strives to fuse unusual components to achieve distinctions that add to person’s lifestyle rather than just to the wardrobe.

The label’s SS16 collection is incredible indeed: by turning backpacks into exact copies – down to the color and the precision of the intricate details such a flowers and banner – of baroque columns.

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