This week, we’ve ditched the regular art recommendations. Instead, we’ve asked Kreemart—the company that takes contemporary artists out of their creative process and giving them dessert to work with—to pick their top five installations to inspire ways to spice up the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Kreëmart and American Patrons of the Tate at Haunch of Venison Gallery, New York, 09/27/11

“An unexpected sweet explosion of taste level which many overdosed on.”

Maria Jose Arjona – ‘Habito’
Olaf Breuning – ‘Banana Mokeys’
Sandra Gamarra – ‘Que nadie guarde nada para el día siguiente’
Terence Koh – ‘Untitled’
Ryan McNamara – ‘Prisitine’
Angel Otero – ‘Pissing Contest’
Janaina Tschape – ‘There is A Pink Clod for You’

2. Kreëmart at GARAGE CCC, Moscow, 10/11/11

“Like in Gogol’s tale, by understanding each body part, we all ended up showing off our molten crispy Sugar Noses. We all became one with The Artist’s Manifesto questioning the dimensionality of our human bodies.”

Marina Abramovic – ‘Silver Nose’

3. Kreëmart, Toilet Paper (Maurizio Cattelan), New York, 12/17/12

“Cattelan provokes and questions femininity by reintroducing the concept of the cigarette as a fashionable accessory – The public was weary in eating the shocking cigarette cake even though we can assured it did not taste as such.”

Toilet Paper/Mauritzio Cattelan- ‘Bubble Gum Cigarrettes’

4. Kreemart, Asia Society, Hong Kong, 5/20/13

“A meditative act of indulgence in which the artist offered each participant a physical piece of light (made out of sugar of course).”

Mariko Mori – ‘Pearl of Oneness’

5. Kreemart at CIFO Miami, 12/6/2013

“The massive sculptures had a life of its own of which the public was the moving force for. A tasteful, colorful performance.”

Valeska Soares – ‘PUSH PULL’