Wigstock founder and Visionaire contributor Lady Bunny is one of the forerunners of drag queen culture as we know it today. She’s appeared on several TV shows—including cult shows like Sex and the City and Rupaul’s Drag Race and Drag U—and is overall one the funniest and most entertaining queens in the business. And that’s why nobody should miss her new show “Clown’s Syndrome,” which is on every Tuesday at NYC’s Escuelita Night Club.

The show is introduced by a series of celebrity statements—well kind of; they are all statements made up by the Bunny herself as a great example of her self-deprecating humor.

“Time to start dressing and acting your age, Bunny!” —Madonna
“Totally unconvincing as a woman.” —Jared Leto
“I’d kill for those legs!” —Oscar Pistorious
“Her fame will fade in no time.” —Tan Mom
“We got our start together, but she stayed there.” —RuPaul
“The slutty bimbo thing is really getting old.” —Pamela Andersen
“I hate the ending–where the old bag does cartwheels.” —Betsey Johnson
“This show causes autism!” —Jenny McCarthy
“Is she single?” —Katie Holmes
“Plastic. Fake. A total phony.” —Amanda Lepore
“She looks like a man.” —Rachel Maddow
“She literally fills the stage!” —Gabay Sidibe
“Tall, fat, hairy, devoid of talent and loves black cock. She’s perfect!” —Khloe Kardashian
“She had me shaking with laughter.” —Michael J. Fox
“She killed me!” —Mickey Rooney

We decided to add our own statement: “Bunny, shante you stay!” —Cecilia Dean.

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