In a time when social media is taking over our generation, and many of us can’t remember life without facebook and Instagram, more people are becoming concerned about the impact of this online generation. Some are starting to question whether technology is making us lazy. Does expecting information at our fingertips make us impatient, and is social media really any good for our mental health? Is it making us antisocial by misleading people into believing that they are more connected, while many of us are feeling increasingly isolated?

When fashion and technology collide it often leads to some of the most creative inventions. But is this the case in other media? This work directed by Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas wanted to get inside the minds of some talented artists, to understand how they develop their craft in 2015. To explore what they think about social media, focusing specifically on how technology affects their creative work.

Produced by Liberatum, which is a multidisciplinary creative organization, the film investigates the relationship between artistry and technology. It features the likes of Ed Ruscha, Francis Ford Coppola, Jonas Åkerlund, M.I.A., Miranda July and Susan Sarandon. The short documents how creative people, from several eras and a variety of disciplines work with a range of different methods to respond to technological advances.

We are given an interesting insight into these artists’ relationship with the modern world. For example, Kehinde Wiley a Visionaire contributor says “Technology has liberated an entire generation of thinkers, mover, creators. Technology for black and brown people all over this globe has created a state of grace that we have never seen here before”.

Liberatum approach this very relevant idea of technology hindering our communication skills in an interesting way. Is it really affecting our creativity is the question? Technology allows us to create higher quality work in half the time, and we are presented with limitless possibilities with what we can accomplish daily. But because of these tools could we actually be limiting our minds? Is creativity being lost because there is less of a necessity for creativity without technology to be successful? Take a look at the film and come to your own conclusion.