Fashion fans will have a hard time choosing what to do this coming fall as another exhibit has been announced: this one for Louis Vuitton. After successful runs of exhibits titled Series 1 and Series 2, Louis Vuitton continues their world traveling look into the making of their collections. Louis Vuitton Series 3 promises to be an immersive exhibit into the world of the Fall 2015 show.

The exhibit won’t be your average history of fashion – instead, it will focus on the Fall 2015 collection. The 13-room trip will concentrate on different parts of the creation of the collection – processes like stitching, fitting and finally, the show. Designer Nicolas Ghesquière said his hopes for the exhibit are that it will capture the atmosphere of the Fall show while also giving guests an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the making of the collection. A recorded front row view from the show will be displayed on life-sized screens, giving the feeling of being a prestigious invitee. A gallery of the Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber lensed campaign will finalize the exhibit. The idea is also to keep collections in the present focus – the show was presented 6 months ago, which can be an eternity in the fashion world, but the exhibit is happening now, alerting you to the fact that you can walk into a Louis Vuitton store and own any of these items.

Beyond average publicity, Louis Vuitton is also courting a very specific set of people – the instagram generation. The exhibit itself has been described as “instagram friendly”, and posters and stickers will be given out to visitors. What Louis Vuitton hopes to achieve with this exhibit is accessibility to others – gone are the days when it was cool to be an elitist luxury brand. With new generations and new technology and platforms rising, it’s important to keep up and even more important to make everyone feel like they can have a piece of something that was once so far away. You can be part of the company’s conversation when LV Series 3 opens on September 21 in London.

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