Secrets, gossip, allusion, rumor and mystery are all running themes in young photographer Matt Lambert’s new book titled Keim. The intimate book features a collection of truthful moments with friends, ex-lovers, random people and his now husband, who is also his first real muse. Most of the moments were captured in and around different Berlin apartments from 2011-2014; times Lambert describes as “the begging of a new chapter in my life and work.”

Lambert is a Los Angeles-born, Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer. His aim is to question the representations of individuals in the media. He does this by capturing intimate images that lay bare ideas of love, sex, gender and identity, giving a truthful and relatable story of what young relationships and sexuality look like today. Most of his photos have a camboy viewpoint giving his documentation of adolescent sexual behavior a generational touch. You could compare Lamberts work to photographers like Nan Goldin or Ryan McGinley.

He is not interested in the details like who is who: no one in Keim has a name, a status, a sense of purpose in the action other than sexual. The act is unexplained, a secret, it’s up-close-and-personal and leaves you wanting to know more about the person and their life. Its sex for sex’s sake, and that’s is what can make it so disturbing to some, it shows the normalization of sex. You rarely see any environment or biographical detail in these images: it’s all about the bodies and their interactions at that moment in time. The viewer can feel a sense of detachment when looking at the images, there is a separation from your reality and theirs.

Lambert’s photography pushes for new perspectives in photographing youth and their sexual identity. His first book Keim will be out soon so what this space.

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