Do you remember the performance artist who covered Lady Gaga’s chest in acid green vomit at last year’s SXSW? Or maybe you remember someone who spent 168 consecutive hours on a bed of flowers in NYC? Or, the girl levitating from four massive, white balloons at Art Basel Miami Beach? Of course we’re talking about performance artist Millie Brown, who has stunned the world several times with her beautifully strenuous work. On April 10, the British-born artist is back with a solo show of (vomit) paintings named Rainbow Body.

“I always strive to push through my own physical and mental barriers. I think it’s important to experience everything you can, on every end of the spectrum. I believe it’s important to make yourself uncomfortable and learn to separate mind and body in order to reach a raw, primal state of being. I’ve used my body to paint from the inside out by vomiting rainbows; this performance involves a two-day fast prior, in order to cleanse the stomach of any food so that all that comes out is pure color,” Brown told us last year prior to her Wilting Point performance.

Showcasing an evolution of Brown’s original and most recognized performance work, Rainbow Body presents a survey of the artist’s new home in Los Angeles. Developed from the artist’s iconic yet non-traditional methods of painting from the inside-out, the exhibition features a post-contemporary study on abstract expressionism within a California palette. Using almond milk, food coloring, stomach and hands, Brown creates aestheti- cally whimsical paintings with a deep underlining of raw human emotion. Each piece tells the story of the Los Angeles sky, its past and its present, its light and its dark.

Rainbow Body opens April 10, at 8473 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA.

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