The London Design Festival has always been the place to showcase creative new ideas, and this year is shaping up to be no different. Various different design groups and solo artists have been perfecting their presentations for the annual stage. This year, design group mischer’traxler studio is presenting an interesting new project titled Curiosity Cloud.

Mischer’traxler studio is made up of Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler. The duo met while attending school and soon after graduation formed their design studio. The two design a range of products, from furniture (like a clock made of layered sets of differently colored wood) to a device that makes threaded material out of solar power. One of their more notable projects is a mirror that only activates when more than one person is standing in front of it.

The newest project from the design team is called Curiosity Cloud. The project was commissioned by Perrier-Jouet and consists of slightly teardrop shaped glass light bulbs. Inside each dome is a different insect. But closer inspection reveals that the insects aren’t real but are in fact highly detailed, hand-made creations. Lustrously colored butterflies, bees and dragonflies dominate their miniature environments. As one approaches the structure, each of the insects begins to flutter their wings with more intensity. The installation soon transforms into a lit-up and interactive presentation.

Curiosity Cloud can be seen and experienced at the London Design Festival 2015, at the V&A’s Norfolk House Music Room from September 19-27.

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