Get ready; MoMA Ps1’s Saturday Warm Ups are kicking off June 28th and this summer the pebble stoned courtyard, which also plays home to the Dome and Sunday sessions during the winter, will be graced by the winning structure of the art institution’s annual Young Architects competition, The Living Founder, David Benjamin’s Hy-Fi.

Benjamin, who also teaches at the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, specializes in creating architecture that is both interactive and responsive to environmental conditions. His former creations include Living Light, a permanent, illuminated pavilion in Seoul that visually reports changes in air quality, and Amphibious Architecture, a floating installation in New York’s East River that enabled participants to communicate with fish and learn about water pollution.

Composed of organic bricks made from corn stalks and living roots, the circular tower will return to earth leaving close to no waste behind and can be considered a cornerstone in the field of organic living.

Check out the full program for MoMA PS1’s Saturday Warm Up here.

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