Juxtaposing tough and delicate is without a doubt the trademark of Prada: this season it was the layering of shearling coats with sheer dresses that portrayed the hard and masculine versus the ultra feminine. The AW14-15 collection was inspired by Rainer Werner Fassbinder movies—especially The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant)—and featured exposed fur as an overall theme in the collection. Much like Frau von Kant and her peers, Miuccia Prada’s women wore garments trimmed with fur in various colors matched with Art Deco prints and silk shift dresses.
Fassbinder’s 1972 hit revolves around the successful fashion designer Petra von Kant, who lives in her studio with her young assistant Marlene. Upon being introduced to the 23-year-old beauty Karin Thimm, Kant falls in love with the girl and the two start a relationship despite of Thimm already being married. Most of the film takes place in Kant’s house and the bed is a natural turning point as it depicts the lavish lifestyle the girls lead. While only having one IMDB credit, costume designer Maja Lemcke did an incredible job dressing the actresses in clothes that can still be considered relevant today and the powerful Fassbinder girls is easily felt in Prada’s AW14-15 collection.

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