Time After Time is the new thoughful exhibition by artist Sung-Chih Chen. The works on show are from “Untitled 2015” and are in response to Gallery 456’s invitation for a site specific installation in New York by the artist.

Sung-Chih Chen was born in Taiwan in 1978 and graduated from the Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts. He currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Over the years, he has developed works with complex concepts and used the vehicle or art and the materials themselves to present the emotions that are often overlooked in life. The main presentation method for his work is mixed media installation.

He explores the aesthetics and contrast between relationships like daily life and art as well as construction and destruction. He uses the everyday as the reoccurring topic, blending in the narration of historical life events for either an individual or society.

Previous works include mixed creations using ready-made objects. These common materials are randomly assembled, combined, and transformed in order to present something new from the original rough and forgotten material. These results are complex artworks that tend to have warmth and poetry dictating relatable emotions.

Using the language of the material itself to present the sensitive segments of life that are often ignored. The works are mainly showcased by three-dimensional installation to enable to viewer to engage and feel an all encompassing experience.

Sung-chih Chen always aims to search for the human impact on life and society and for the remaining sense of beauty from ugly objects. This beauty comes from the destruction of nature, from the waste after over consumption, or maybe from the remains after violence. Looking at individuals memory, their forms and meanings shows the inconsistent relations of each individual toward their true reality.

In this exhibition, recycled printed sheets and plastic bags were molded to create a space filled with fallen blossoms to provoke intertwined likes, dislikes, and provoke emotional thought from the viewer. The space is full of invalid and cheap materials aiming to get the viewer to think about the world of consumption.

Flowers blooming and falling are a normal phenomena of natural life and existence, these man made falling flowers in Time After Time are presented in another way allowing us to re-evaluate the deep meaning of the rise and fall of life and our existence.

Gallery 456 in Chinese-American Arts Council will present these works from June 4, 2015 to June 26, 2015.