Visionaire releases its 66th issue, RITUAL, with two sets of sculptures in the form of sculptural scented candles created by six world-renowned artists.

Set 1 features Maurizio Cattelan, Barbara Kruger, and Bruce Weber.

Maurizio Cattelan gave Visionaire a particular Italian plunger that was reproduced at 100% scale. The black wax captures the subtle wooden texture of the handle and the smooth rubber of the base. The scent of fresh roses is created by IFF perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, famous for his unconventional olfactory approach. What better accessory for your bathroom sitting alongside your toilet paper and your Toiletpaper.

Barbara Kruger transformed one of her iconic 2D works into a sculpture that smells like marijuana, a scent developed by IFF perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, known for his purist use of Naturals. The phrase “Buy Me I’ll Change your Life” dramatically juts out of the facade. We think this high-gloss black and white candle might actually change your life.

Bruce Weber embraces the latest in technology as he 3D captured his current favorite male model Trevor Signorino. The 3D file was then transformed into an all-white sculptural portrait replete with facial features and muscle tone. Award-winning IFF Master Perfumer, Carlos Benaim created the scent of the beach on a hot summer day on the Jersey Shore where Trevor works selling ice cream.

The 3 perfumers are part of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., a leading innovator in sensorial experiences. Each believes in olfactory invention through unexpected collaborations.

The candles were produced in NYC by Joya, founded by Frederick Bouchardy in 2006. For RITUAL, Joya blended wax to retain custom fragrances. Joya perfected molding techniques to yield complete surface detail preservation. Joya ulilized U.V. stabilizer solutions to retain colors, and developed a seamless, glue-less solution for adhering waxes to one another. Joya uses locally-sourced raw materials, sustainable packaging, and ethical production practices.