VISIONAIRE 69  2020 <p> Guest Curated by Edison Chen


Guest Curated by Edison Chen

VISIONAIRE debuts its new edition in China on 12/12, with the global release to follow. Visionaire 69 marks a special occasion as we celebrate our first anniversary of Stark Visionaire, our experiential agency based in Shanghai.  As this unprecedented and historic year comes to its end, we reveal our 69th edition, guest curated by the inimitable, multi-hyphenate star, Edison Chen.


VISIONAIRE 69  2020 was conceived as a time-capsule, or retrospective view of 2020—a most challenging year around the world. In response to the difficulties faced this last year, Chen, as curator, reached out to his network of creative contemporaries to create an edition that will highlight images of hope for the future, the deeper meaning behind the lessons we have had to learn, and a distinct optimism as we move forward together. In looking back at what we have come through, we can gain a sense of clarity. After all, hindsight is 2020.

The collaboration between Edison Chen and VISIONAIRE is a natural one, with this 2020 concept, as well as the curation of artists, theme, and physical format coming together seamlessly. As Edison is a multi-talented, interdisciplinary artist, with interests across the breadths of all the creative worlds, this DNA aligned with VISIONAIRE’s ethos of creative freedom and pushing the boundaries of the publication and printed matter.

Therefore, for this edition of VISIONAIRE, in response to both the international lockdowns and the desire for release, we explore the notion of taking to the streets and yearning for such creative freedom, through the format of the street-art epitome, the Stencil Kit.


A custom turquoise CLOT silk scarf wraps the hand-numbered, hand-spray painted 2-piece case. Inside the case there is a bespoke can of VISIONAIRE-branded black spray paint, along with a face mask designed by BARBARA KRUGER, alongside 10 negative-stencil “images” by 10 artists. As is a recurring theme within the VISIONAIRE world, the artists are encouraged to work in a form that is outside of their normal practice. Here, the artworks contributed by these artists are transformed into stencils, laser-cut from pure copper sheets.


Stencils explore themes as varied as voting by basketball star and activist LEBRON JAMES and space as the new frontier by artist  TOM SACHS.


CAO FEI creates a symbol of futuristic architecture while supermodel and activist  NAOMI CAMPBELL broadcasts the slogan of her friend the late great South African leader Nelson Mandela.


ZENG FANZHI’s master brush-stroke provides a fluidity that contrasts with the rigidity of laser-cut metal.


Star tattoo artist DR. WOO draws his version of the constellations where all paths lead to happiness.


HBA designer SHAYNE OLIVER offers a lone lamb without shepherd, free to roam the earth.


Painter KELLY BEEMAN offers a poignant portrait.


NICK KNIGHT depicts violence against invisible and abstract forces. 


And Edison Chen's daughter, ALAIA CHEN, reminds us of our youth. She is, afterall, the next generation that will inherit this new world.


A special mask by BARBARA KRUGER is, ironically for a stencil issue, printed with the words “SAY DON’T SPRAY” in an effort to curb the virus that continues to wreak havoc in the world.


In accordance with the idea that hindsight is 2020, it follows that while looking steadfastly into the future, we must be informed by the past. Therefore, inspired by the decorative, antique Copper stencils from the turn-of-the-last-century, which were among the first stencil formats—and similarly realizing that Copper is imbued with antimicrobial properties, perfect for this post-pandemic edition—the met-al makes for the ideal material for VISIONAIRE 69 *2020*. Further, copper remembers; it is an archive of all the hands that have touched it, all the people who have interacted with it, and it will oxidize over time to form a unique turquoise patina, thus completely changing its appearance to reflect its user.

 We hope that owners of this edition will activate these artworks, creating their own images from the stencils, tagging #visionaire69, thus participating and interacting with this publication as art object and public art, and sending out images of hope into the world.



Limited Edition of 500 hand-numbered copies include silk scarf wrapping a stenciled case housing 1 face mask, 1 can of spray paint, and 10 laser-cut copper stencils by 10 artists




Edison Chen has been shaping pop culture for the last 20 years. This entertainer and entrepreneur is a Canadian-born Hong Kong actor, singer, rapper, and fashion entrepreneur. Chen broke out into the Hong Kong entertainment industry with his acting debut and a major record deal at the age of 20. After recording several Cantopop albums, Chen gained critical acclaim as a rap artist with the 2004 chart-topping release of Please Steal This Album and two subsequent hip hop LPs. Chen has been recognized as one of Asia’s most ambitious and versatile talents, with the launch of Clot, his successful apparel brand; Juicestores, the multi-label store selling the latest streetwear fashion brands; Innersect, the highly influential streetwear festival; and his on-going NIKE collaboration. Not only in front of the camera, Chen uses his knowledge and experience behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry with Clot Media Division for artist management and music production and 3125C, his creative agency for design, retail, consulting, and TV/commercial/music production. At the core of it all is Chen’s desire to bridge Eastern and Western cultures with an international focus. With close to 30 million followers on Weibo, his influence is felt around the world.



Visionaire is a multi-media publishing company and experiential agency at the nexus of art and fashion. Established over 25 years ago by Cecilia Dean and James Kaliardos, VISIONAIRE has been collaborating with the biggest and most talented personalities in the creative industries. VISIONAIRE conceptualizes and produces events, installations, films, digital content, and collectible editions all curated through the lens of art, fashion, luxury, and contemporary culture. In 2019, VISIONAIRE partnered with STARK Global Holding to form STARK VISIONAIRE, a Shanghai-based experiential agency focused on innovative programming and retail with local and international brands, guiding and facilitating them to support press-worthy, audience-engaging, and social media-friendly installations and experiences. By doing so, STARK VISIONAIRE offers the opportunity for brands to communicate exceptional messages to their core supporters along with new audiences, and to become part of the larger cultural conversation.

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