VISIONAIRE presents its latest installation at the Cadillac House gallery: AMAZE, designed by Rafael de Cárdenas.

AMAZE features a vocal-only sound score created exclusively by Sahra Motalebi.

Jillian Lockwood writes, “Visitors are drawn into the maze by a devoid otherworldly space with an immersive shimmering cylinder at its center.
Low-pitched drone sounds billow through the metal veil, revealing a light source with unidentified qualities.
Standing within the curtain, one is shielded from the surroundings, visible from outside as only a mysterious silhouette.

Next, visitors are enveloped by a hall of mirrors and more absurd sonic landscape.
At once embracing selfie culture and calling it into question, one is invited by the familiar domesticity of sconces and daffodils to look at their reflection, only to be quickly unnerved by hysterical laughter.
The end of the hall opens into a dazzling black-and-white-patterned room, layered with shrieking overhead.

Visitors transition into a series of compact spaces, each with their own hue.
Saturated windows offer a glimpse at friends around the corner and spaces just traversed.
Abstract avant-garde muzak-inspired sounds whisper guests to the exit, while echoes from the maze overflow.”

AMAZE is free and open to the public April 10th-June 10th at 330 Hudson Street M-F 8-7 Sat & Sunday 10-5.