Enter the world of contemporary artist, 
KAWS, through the magically immersive technology of virtual reality. A studio visit like no other, KAWS invites you into his physical world and into his imagination from the comfort of your VR goggles. Watch as the artist’s atelier transforms from a serene working environment into a 360 degree overload of swirling colors, dancing characters, sweeping perspective and mischievous behavior—all the familiar elements of KAWS’ oeuvre. Find yourself with unprecedented access into KAWS’ practice and his creative mind, as the studio itself becomes a canvas for the artist’s first foray into the new medium of VR. This ephemeral experience, which blurs the lines between reality and unreality, subject and object, the physical and the temporal, and the mundane and the creative allows for a new kind of artistic interaction, made possible only by this new technology. Continuing KAWS’ artistic discipline, VISIONAIRE’s innovation in image making and story-telling, and M&M’s® Chocolate Candies’ pursuit of colorful fun, these three cultural powerhouses come together to create this bold, exciting and new kind of public art experience.

JAN 29 1pm – 4pm
The New York Public Library
Gottesmann Gallery
5th Avenue at 42nd Street
New York City

Produced by VisionaireFILM
co-Directed by Tino Schaedler
and Cecilia Dean
Art by KAWS
Production Company Optimist, Inc
Animation Design Nu Frame
Original Score Craig Hartley
3D Sound Design Q Department / Mach1Studios
Camera Technology Jaunt


VISIONAIRE conceptualizes and produces films, public art installations, experiences, branded content, art multiples, and products—all curated through the lens of art, fashion and contemporary culture. With its unparalleled roster of contributing artists, photographers, filmmakers, fashion creatives, and cultural icons, VISIONAIRE remains at the forefront of groundbreaking creativity in all different media. Visit and follow @visionaireworld on instagram.


With a practice that consistently shows his formal agility as an artist, as well as his underlying wit, irreverence, and affection for our times, KAWS draws inspiration from pop-culture animations to form a unique artistic vocabulary. His refined graphic language revitalizes figurative art through bold gesture and keen, playful intricacy. One of the most relevant artists of his generation, KAWS engages audiences with his prolific body of work across paintings, murals, large-scale sculptures, graphic and product design, and now, virtual reality. Follow @KAWS on instagram.


An iconic brand for 75 years, whose name is synonymous with colorful chocolate fun, M&M’S
is the candy that “melts in your mouth, not in your hand™.” With its vibrant colors and unforgettable characters, this immersive collaboration between M&M’S and KAWS to celebrate the brand’s anniversary is a joyful extension of both the artist’s icons and the brand’s well-loved identity. Visit and follow @mmschocolate on instagram


The New York Public Library has been an essential provider of educational programs and resources for more than 100 years. NYPL gives New Yorkers the tools they need to succeed and invaluable experiences to the community and visitors alike. NYPL houses the entire collection of Visionaire editions available to anyone for viewing.