1. Maurizio Cattelan: Cosa Nostra is open at Sotheby’s until November 26, 2014.

The frequent Visionaire contributor and founder of Toilet Paper, Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibition at Sotheby’s is at the top of our list this week. Cosa Nostra, as the exhibition is named, is the first large survey of the Italian artist since Guggenheim’s grand retrospective All in 2011/12, which was followed by the artist’s retirement from the industry. The Sotheby’s selling exhibition includes some of Cattelan’s most recognizable pieces that range from $30,000 all the way to $20 million. Alexander Rotter, co-head of Sotheby’s Worldwide Contemporary Art Department, commented: “Maurizio Cattelan is one of the most distinctive artists of our time. Whether we are amused, shocked, or even outraged, no one can walk by a Cattelan without appreciating the profound force of his work.” We agree!

2. Walter De Maria is open at the Gagosian until December 20, 2014.

Are we all familiar with Walter de Maria’s Lightning Field in New Mexico? Great! Then we all know why the Gagosian’s newest exhibition of the groundbreaking minimalist and conceptual artist’s work is one of our top picks this week. It’s the first official exhibition of the de Maria estate since the artist sadly passed away last summer (July 25, 2013). Made up work dated between 1976 and 1990, the exhibition is dedicated to de Maria’s masterfully constructed and minimalist sculptures such as his Large Rod Series, The Equal Pair Series and many other significant works. Defined as “one of the greatest artists of our time” by LACMA director Michael Govan, this is a must see.

3. Tim Noble and Sue Webster: Blind Painting is open at Suzanne Geiss until December 20, 2014.

Known for their sculptural shadow portraits built from bones, detritus, and cast body parts, British artist-pair Tim Noble and Suzanne Webster present their first US solo exhibition since 2008 Blind Painting at Suzanne Geiss this month. In the new series of large-scale black and white paintings, the artists have voluntarily blindfolded themselves to paint portraits of each other from memory. Like the Surrealist’s game of exquisite corpse, in which players collectively assemble a drawing by following absurd instructions, Noble and Webster welcome the effects of accident and the subconscious in their work. The series is perfectly complemented by Geiss’s beautiful SoHo space.

4. Urs Fischer is open at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise until December 20, 2014. 

In 2007, Swiss-born Urs Fischer took a sledgehammer and destroyed the pristine white floor of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. He ripped through concrete and pipes and then filled the trench with dirt and debris. The result was breathtaking and a rare original in the world of art. Now the 41-year-old is back with another solo show at Brown’s Enterprise. Although the new exhibition isn’t focused around something just as dramatic, Urs Fischer’s new series of colorful paintings is a wonderful sight during this premature NYC winter.

5. MAU: Birds With Skymirrors plays at BAM until November 22nd, 2014.

Left wordless after seeing his piece Birds with Skymirrors on Wednesday, we had to disregard that only two nights are left of his time at BAM (for this production) and recommend everyone go experience this painfully intricate and beautiful performance ASAP. Inspired by the sight of birds flying with parts of video tapes in their beaks, Ponifasio comments on humans’ affect on the world. Clearly a genius when it comes to designing movement, it isn’t Ponifasio’s only talent: the light was one of the most important features of the show. So well placed, the light was incorporated into the dancers’ movements and came across has having a living character in the piece. If you ever find yourself in the same city as MAU, make sure to see one of their shows as you will leave reenlightened.