Referencing surrealism in his AW14-15 collection, Yang Li presented a poetic collection of oversized belts, cloth swept to the side on light jackets, half and half skirts on which one side was knee-length and the other mid-calf. These items were backed by retail oriented pieces such as fitted pants, oversized coats and long silk skirts. But while the surrealist reference was minimal as noticed by Style.com’s Maya Singer, there was one look that seemed to reference Meret Oppenheim’s famous surrealist Object piece directly: a full length skirt in fur with a matching bra.
It’s said that Oppenheim created the piece after having lunched with her friend Pablo Picasso in Paris. He noticed her fur-lined, metal-tube bracelet and joked that anything could be covered in fur, to which Oppenheim replied, “Even this cup and saucer.” As her tea grew cold, she reportedly called out, “Waiter, a little more fur!” She then proceeded to create the legendary fur teacup, saucer and spoon and presented it at the first exposition of Surrealist object in Paris in 1936 to many critics praise and excitement.

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